Monasteries of the Heart

Stretch your monastic heart

CLICK HERE for a list of all available eCourses including:
Lectio Divina A Summer Experience
Sacred Moments Lectio with Ordinary Time
Respond with Nonviolence
Friendship of Women
Give Me a Word
Monastery Scribes
How Shall We Live
Great Monastic Women
Beatitudes of Peace
Gift of Years
Creating a Monastery of the Heart
Praying the Psalms
All You Holy Women
Heart of the Rule
Empower Yourself, Empower Others
Nonviolence and the Rule of Benedict
Monastic Wisdom for the Workplace
Love, Forgiveness and Reconciliation
Lectio Divina: Finding Your Sacred Center
Thomas Merton and Peacemaking
Mary of Nazareth: Reflections from Joan Chittister
God Speaks in Many Tongues: A Personal Retreat