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Bede Griffiths on a Monastic Order in the World

“The monk is a layperson… An order of monastics is essentially a lay order. Some monks may live in monasteries, but increasingly the majority will live in their own homes or form small communities--a monastic order in the world. [This would be] one in which communities and individuals live spiritual lives independent of religious organizations or institutions, independent of celibacy and overarching rules and dogmas--free to follow their own conscience and guidance in living a sacred life, yet united in the common cause of building a sacred world.” 

Good Work: Honor the Word

In October, we invite you to a good work that might touch the lives of those who need your hope, your care, your comfort!!

Take a moment to listen to John Lennon’s ballad, Imagine , and take his heartfelt words to your heart – “it’s easy if you try” – and let your own imagination soar. 


Beauty and the Monastic Heart: Future Access to Beauty and the Monastic Heart


It has been a sacred privilege for us to take this journey with you, each of you and all of us together. 

Whatever attracted you to this particular eCourse, and the experience of pursuing it, is exactly what monastic life is: a call to seek God in every circumstance, every moment, every challenge, and every joy - day by day by day - on our way to the heart of God. 

We were honored to be on the way with you - Brother Mickey and the staff of Monasteries of the Heart


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