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Good Work: Honor the Word

In the month of August, members of Monasteries of the Heart are encouraged to write letters and messages of support to people held in custody at Dilley Detention Center, the largest detention center for migrant and refugee families in the US. This initiative comes from the Leadership of Women Religious Immigration Coalition.

Joan Chittister on Women: Begins August 10


On Women: A Book Discussion begins August 10. Sign up now and receive a 50% off coupon to purchase From the writings of Joan Chittister: On Women at Benetvision.

Linda Romey on Celebrating Women

We have a "giveaway" table in our monastery. It's where a sister can unload an item she no longer needs or wants. If another sister doesn't claim it in a day or two, it gets packed up for donation to a good cause or dropped in the dumpster.

Some Thoughts in the Middle of Summer

Over the July 11 weekend, we elected a new prioress.  It's hard to explain to those outside the monastic world quite how big a deal that is.

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