Monasteries of the Heart

Lectio with Nature

August 2

Canticle of the Feathered Ones by Sara Thomsen

Prepare for nature lectio by centering yourself, quieting yourself and praying for openness and compassion for self, others and the planet.

Listen to this song, “Canticle of the Feathered Ones,” by Sara Thomsen.

What is your initial heart response to the song? You might listen several more times.

What are you feeling? Are there insights for you? Are you drawn to a response in prayer and action?

You might journal about the experience. Or use movement or art to express your response.

As you conclude your lectio, remember to reflect with compassion and gentleness for yourself, others and the planet.

You are invited to share from the lectio experience, if you’d like, below.

For more by Sara Thomsen, find her website here: