Monasteries of the Heart

Lectio with Music

August 21

Center yourself before you begin your audio divina with Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Summer.

The first time you play it through, close your eyes and listen to the music, letting it wash over you. How does it move you?

Play it through a second time, focus again on listening. What touches you especially? What images, feelings, memories are evoked? How is God stirring your heart? How is God calling you in what you imagine, hear, experience in this music audio? What has it touched in you, what memories or feelings has it uncovered, what does it move you to think or feel?

Play it through a third time focusing on the images with the music. How do the images enhance your experience?

Sit for a time in silence with what you have experienced. Play the vidio as often as you wish to complete your lectio. What is stirring in you that you wish to integrate deeper into your soul? What gift has this song and audio created in your soul? How does it relate to your spiritual journey at this moment in time?

Share the fruits of your lectio experience with us here.