Monasteries of the Heart

Little Blog for Beginners: Lent reflections

I was asked to write reflections on the gospel readings for Lent and Easter Sunday for the Federation of Saint Scholastica's centennial celebration website. You can find them here.

These Lenten readings are beautiful, but they're also very familiar stories. We hear them so frequently that sometimes I kind of glaze over when they're presented. Maybe the same thing happens for you.  So, I tried to write reflections that came at the message from a different angle than usual, as much as possible. You might read the reflections and think that I missed the main points of the gospel passages--maybe I did--but maybe you'll find something interesting in there.


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A blog by Jacqueline Small
What happens when a woman in her mid-twenties begins to work, pray, and share life with a community of Benedictine sisters? What questions arise and what wisdom emerges? This blog will offer peeks into one young seeker’s experiences. Jacqueline is a staff member of Monasteries of the Heart and an oblate of Mount Saint Benedict Monastery. She holds a Bachelors degree in Sociology from Swarthmore College, a Masters in Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, and a Masters in Social Work from Rutgers University.