Monasteries of the Heart

Open and accepting members

Seekers and Discerners

This is a space for young adult Catholic women who are searching for paths in life which will enable them to join together their faith, their values, and their actions. We welcome those who may be discerning a vocation to a religious community, determining what kind of career or family structure will be meaningful and soul-enriching, or simply seeking a system of likeminded people to journey with.

Oblate Cistercians de Guadalupe

Members who desire to learn the basics of Cistercian spirituality and apply those basic principles to their daily lives and spiritual practices. Assigned readings in Cistercian spirituality will form the basic formation process. Learning to apply the basic Cistercian principle: Simplicity. New members will have an initial reading list they must complete before making profession as an Oblate. The five books are::

Community of Saint Anna

The Community of Saint Anna is a non-residential ecumenical community of women who are single either by choice or circumstances. Inspired by the Prophetess Anna whose prayers for everyone who came to the Temple enabled her to recognize the infant Messiah, we aspire to pray for others and listen compassionately to those seeking prayer, as appropriate.

St. Symeon the New Theologian - Prayer of the Heart

This Monastery welcomes men and women of any Christian tradition whose shared interests spring from practicing the Jesus Prayer on a regular basis with the aim of entering into the Prayer of the Heart by the grace of God.
Focussing on the Jesus Prayer, as well as on lectio/readings from the Bible and from Christian writings, ( contemporary or ancient,) members aim to support and encourage one another in their knowledge of and love for the Lord Jesus Christ as well as in spiritual growth.

Benedictine Spirituality and Addiction Recovery

Welcome to the fourth year of the Benedictine Spirituality and Addiction Recovery monastery started by Ron Beathard in September of 2011!

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