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Praying the Psalms with Joan Chittister

Praying the Psalms with Joan Chittister

The 150 songs of praise in the Book of Psalms are a sweeping overview of the spiritual life and the universal story of the soul’s pilgrimage through life. In monastic communities, the psalms are the basic prayer of the day. In this course, “Praying the Psalms,” Joan Chittister uses the prayers that formed her monastic spirituality to show you how to pray them in reflective, life-altering way. These meditative audios—about five minutes each—make it possible for you pray the psalms on your way to work, in your prayer space, before going to sleep, waiting at the doctor’s office—anywhere, really! The audios consist of a reflection on the psalms, a teaching on praying the psalm, wisdom from other traditions, and penetrating questions for your spiritual growth that the psalm provokes.

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