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Monastic Wisdom in the Workplace with Judith Valente

Monastic Wisdom in the Workplace with Judith Valente

The workplace is where many of us spend the bulk of our waking hours. How can we apply Benedictine values and practices to the competitive, often cut-throat marketplace? In four audio Judith Valente, award winning author and poet, and a Benedictine Oblate, will reflect on how The Rule of St. Benedict offers timeless wisdom for working people. Valente takes you into the newsrooms where she's worked, the companies she's reported on and introduces you to the working people she's met who live out their spiritual values at work. In the process, you'll gain insight into how to deal with setbacks, disappointments, difficult personalities, taking risks, and coping with change, while working from the heart of Benedictine spirituality. Valente’s recent book is the best-selling Atchison Blue: A Search for Silence, a Spiritual Home, and a Living Faith.

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