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God Speaks in Many Tongues: A Personal Retreat

God Speaks in Many Tongues: A Personal Retreat

“Retreat time is the flagship piece of the year that sets the standard for a rhythm of life…” writes Joan Chittister in The Monastery of the Heart.

Are you ready for a retreat, but have trouble fitting it into your schedule? God Speaks in Many Tongues: A Personal Retreat, is designed to be used on a schedule that works for you. It can be done over one day, over several days, or over a week. We give you all the pieces; you make it work for you.

Based on the writing of Joan Chittister, the personal retreat includes prayer experiences from Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu and Native American traditions, presented by Erie Benedictine Anne McCarthy.

Sister Anne will use text, audio and video resources throughout the week in the presentation of this retreat. She will suggest personal rituals, demonstrate simple movement prayer and offer ways to put your faith into action. Because this is a personal retreat, there will be no shared comments and no facilitator. The resources are supplied for you to use as you create your own retreat experience.

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