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Give Me a Word

Give Me a Word

In the early centuries, seekers desiring a deeper spiritual life went and sought direction from seasoned monks saying, “Amma (mother) or Abba (father), give me a word." The same word might be offered over and over, year after year, until finally its meaning revealed itself to the seeker. This Lent, go into the "desert spaces" of your own life with Give Me A Word, drawing on Sister Joan Chittister’s 2015 book In God’s Holy Light. Journey with the Desert Mothers and Fathers, who grappled with the same struggles you do and whose truths and insights have stood the test of time. Give Me A Word offers you an opportunity to get to know yourself— even the parts you might ignore— in a new and fresh way.

Give Me A Word includes contemporary commentaries by Joan Chittister on wisdom stories by the desert monastics, other desert wisdom readings including poems, and scripture, and reflections from spiritual writers, and response prompts for participants. Facilitated by Sister Mary Ellen Plumb and Oblate Jacqueline Small, Monasteries of the Heart staff.