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Gift of Years with Joan Chittister

Gift of Years with Joan Chittister

How do you view the aging process? Is it tinged with anxiety and regret? Or do you see it as an adventure, a time to find meaning, and a ripening? Or, is it a little of both?

Gift of Years, a four-week eCourse based on Joan Chittister’s best-selling book by the same name, offers you the chance to look at this time of maturation with fresh eyes, with joy for what has been and optimism for what is to come. Each week you will receive two brief videos from Sister Joan exploring a theme of aging such as meaning, time, joy, regret, spirituality, legacy…. In the video messages from Sister Joan, discussion questions, and an invitation to explore with others the blessing and challenge of each theme, you will be guided to embrace a vision of elderhood as a blessed time to be alive.

VIEW  the first of nine videos included in this course:

This eCourse originally appeared at in 2013.

The Gift of Years book (not required for the eCourse) is on sale and available here.