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A Month of Mary with Joan Chittister
Joan Chittister

If you were given the chance to spend a month with one woman in history who could both challenge and inspire you, Mary of Nazareth would be a good choice. May is the month traditionally devoted to Mary and you can spend it with Joan Chittister as she takes a new look at the significant events in the life of Mary and Jesus. Sister Joan will introduce you to a woman who lived through difficult and trying circumstances but found the fingerprint of God in all of them. Mary risked a call into the unknown; was an unwed mother and political refugee; a mother of a scorned prophet and condemned prisoner; and a faithful disciple who never abandoned the vision of a new earth.  

The four-week eRetreat is based on the Rosary, one of the most popular and long-standing devotions in the Catholic tradition. Listen to a clip of The Annunciation:

Each day—Monday through Friday—you will receive an audio reflection (with accompanying transcript) by Joan Chittister on one decade of the Rosary and an invitation to chant Mary’s special prayer, the Hail Mary, with the Benedictine Sisters of Erie. The Hail Mary chant is accompanied by a meditative video.

You will have an opportunity to share your thoughts and prayers online with other participants as you explore a different set of faith mysteries each week:
• Week 1—Joyful Mysteries
• Week 1—Sorrowful Mysteries
• Week 1—Glorious Mysteries
• Week 1—Luminous Mysteries
These mysteries parallel our own lives which are a rich blend of joy and tears, wonder and light.

Mary is a woman for the ages, an everywoman. Let her guide you as you respond to your own unique call from God in these times.

A Month of Mary with Joan Chittister




May 1 to May 27

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