Monasteries of the Heart

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How do you form a monastic heart? Regular prayer, honest self-reflection in lectio, good work, and faithful sharing of our lived experience in community—essential elements of the monastic way of life—are presented on this Monasteries of the Heart website. Instruction on the Benedictine way of life, or the passing down of the monastic charism from those who have chosen this lifestyle, is also imperative.

The following eCourses present a monastic spirituality for contemporary seekers like yourself who wish to embrace the tradition. The offerings are part of an ongoing Monastic Curriculum that can help you form a monastic heart, a heart afire with the unbounded love of God.

The foundational text for Monasteries of the Heart is Joan Chittister's book, The Monastery of the Heart: An Invitation to a Meaningful Life, a road map based on the Rule of Benedict, a practical model upon which to build a satisfying life, despite the seemingly limitless and, at times, meaningless supply of options in the modern world. All new members are encouraged to use the study guide to deepen their understanding of this invitation. Order the book here. Access the Study Guide here.