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On Vacation

Old Monk is away for a winter break. Her blog will return the end of February.

Old Monk off for the month

Old Monk is off for the month and will return after Labor Day, September 5.

Journal Entry 71

I was one of 400 people or so to attend an anti-violence walk in Erie organized by a group of African–American clergy. It seems that every day now a shooting takes place in our community and too often they end in a murder. So we’re all gathered for a march against violence, right? Only the man next to me spots a local politician and begins to say awful things about that person. I interrupt with, “Hey, ______is my friend, so please stop.” The “peace” marcher than says, “_____is evil.” What!!!???

Journal Entry 61

During the Easter season my monastery, Mount Saint Benedict, is hosting a Women’s Art Show. Oblate Jo Clark and I teamed up to create four Haiga art pieces, a combination of haiku with a visual image, traditionally Japanese ink painting. I wrote the haiku and Jo did the ink painting.

Old Monk on break

Sister Mary Lou is away for a couple weeks. Her blog will return mid-March. Thank you.


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