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Presence of God

We cannot know the presence of God without coming to know ourselves as well. —Joan Chittister

No place for violence

Violence has simply no place in the monastic heart. —Joan Chittister

Journal Entry 176

Now and then it’s just best to forget words and let the visual take over. I feel that way about this week’s blog. On the day of the National School Walk Out against gun violence, I received this photo from my nephew’s wife, Tara. Attached was a note explaining how my grandniece, 11-year-old Kira, stood up all by herself in math class, took off her sweatshirt to reveal an official “Enough” T-shirt with the names of the students gunned down at Parkland High School, and kept standing in the front row for 17 minutes. She was all alone. No one joined her.

Noticing one rose

Failing to notice one rose, we fail to notice the entire cosmos. —Joan Chittister

Nothing is unforgivable

Coming to understand that there is nothing unforgivable in life is the beginning of real love. —Joan Chittister

Doubt and Faith

It is doubt itself that is the foundation of faith. —Joan Chittister

When we love God

When we really love God, we don’t need any of the commandments at all. —Joan Chittister

God is the tug

God is the tug you feel toward wholeness. —Joan Chittister

Sinking into the Heart of God

Joan Chittister reflects one minute on,"We must do whatever justice must be done in our time if we claim to be serious about sinking into the heart of God."

Joan Chittister—Let the Call Be Heard

Presented by Joan Chittister to the Fourth World Congress of Benedictine Oblates, Rome, November 4—10, 2017.

The question of the day is a simple one but potentially life-changing one: the question is why would anyone even bother to get attached to a Benedictine monastery?

What is the purpose of doing something like that?

The truth is that both of us— both you and I, I as a vowed monastic, you, as committed oblates — are in the process of discovering again in new and vibrant ways what it means to hold a charism in trust for the church.


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