Monasteries of the Heart

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Beauty for the poor

The need for beauty in the lives of the poor is as real as their need for bread. —Joan Chittister

The voice of the oppressed

The function of silence in the life of the privileged is to be able to hear the voices of the oppressed and to change things. —Joan Chittister

Real relationship

A real relationship deepens with time until words are not necessary and silence is no burden. —Joan Chittister

Nature and us

We have made war on nature and wonder why there is so little peace in ourselves. —Joan Chittister


Don't be afraid to look again at everything you've ever believed. —Joan Chittister

Memory of God

In each of us there is a memory of God. —Joan Chittister

Function of authority

The function of authority is to enable another person's growth. —Joan Chittister


Sometimes we grow in silent places that do not burst through to daylight and voice for years. —Joan Chittister

Art—sacrament of awareness

Art is the sacrament of awareness. —Joan Chittister


Tradition is meant to help us identify with what is sacred in life. —Joan Chittister


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