Monasteries of the Heart

Prayerful Reading (lectio) with Photos

In a prayerful way repeat the text below several times.

Dry bones, listen to
what God is saying to you,
"I the God of life
will put breath in you,
and once again you will live."
— Ezekiel 37:4-5

Sit with the photo and "read" it slowly

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Ask yourself, What do the photo and text say to me?
What feeling or thought or word do they evoke?
What do I want to say to God through this photo and text?
What do you believe is God’s message for you today as you reflect on this photo and text?

Photo by: 

Jerry Trambley, oblate

Use the discussion area below for your lectio reflections on this verse and photo. All registered members of MOH have access to this discussion area. On-site or online monastery groups may host more private discussions.

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