Monasteries of the Heart

Online Leader Helps

• Register your monastery group (see register online groups for help).

• Accept or manage group membership and post content.

The Monastery of the Heart book and the resources of the MOH website are the foundational material for Monastery of the Heart groups. The study guide is available to assist with book. It is suggested that groups begin at least with the first three chapters (available online) and the web sections excerpted from the book on prayer, lectio, good work and community. However, any section on the website—lectio, the MOH prayer, community tabs—provide good discussion material and an online curriculum is in the process of being developed.

• Encourage openness and trust in the group by creating an atmosphere in which all ideas are treated with respect, dignity and seriousness.

• Regularly review conversation on your monastery page and facilitate discussion or respond as needed.

• Facilitate the group in choosing a “good work.”

• Periodically have the group review description, focus, good work, etc. and either affirm or make changes.

• Stay in touch with Monasteries of the Heart with any questions, excitement, suggestions, concerns in your Monastery.

• Anne McCarthy, OSB, the contact person for group leaders, is available if you have questions or concerns. You can contact her using General Questions on the contact page drop-down menu.

• Ongoing leader formation will be offered online at Monasteries of the Heart.

Make sure all participants know the expectations and timing of commenting on your posts.

Be careful that one or two people do not monopolize the discussion. Invite others to share their insights. Likewise, try to keep the group on focus. If it goes off on a tangent, gently call it back.

The study guide provides suggestions that might be helpful whether you are using the book as basis for discussion topics or not.

"The Prayer for Those Who Dwell in a Monastery of the Heart" is encouraged to be used daily by all members. You might reflect occasionally on that experience. The prayer is available here. Or, to order individual copies, click here.

Good work: Groups are encouraged to choose and participate together in some good work. The community page will be a place where you can share information about your good work and learn from other groups’ experience.

As leader, be attentive to the tone of comments and attempt to deal with these directly to stop inappropriate or hurtful messages. If it is not resolved quickly, report the abuse to us via the Report Abuse category on the Contact Us page. Comments that do not comply with the terms of agreement can be deleted and/or users not complying with the terms of agreement can be blocked from the site.