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We are a group of women of diverse ages. Three of our members are mothers of children who are school age or younger. Some members are working outside home part time. Others of us are retired and involved in many volunteer activities. We come from several faith backgrounds and are practicing Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Roman Catholics and members of Roman Catholic Women Priest churches. Some of our members have been missionaries in Tanzania and other African countries. Some are member of a foot care ministry for guests at the Los Angeles Catholic Worker Soup Kitchen and in Olympia with several shelters as well as with seniors in a local parish. While some are busy with family and neighborhood needs others work with children with special needs. Two of our members are taking time out while studying in a chaplaincy program.

We encourage our members to develop a meditation/centering prayer practice. We generally meet twice a month for two hours for faith sharing, reading, discussion, and lectio Divina on passages chosen by members from the material we have read. We are currently reading Monastery of the Heart. We have limited our maximum group size to twelve members in order to get to know each other and be able to both challenge and nurture one another in our work and prayer.





Monastery Contact Person

Saima Scott