Monasteries of the Heart

First Wednesday at Washington National Cathedral Monastery

Washington, DC
District Of Columbia

Experience the power of community, wisdom, and hospitality at this refreshing, monthly midday break. Bring your lunch and enjoy meaningful wisdom, facilitated reflection, and a shared meal as we provide support and encouragement for living a life of balance in our sometimes unbalanced world.

The setting in the Cathedral Library provides a welcoming environment for conversation, exploration, encouragement, support, and mutual learning and is part of a pilot project between the Community of Reconciliation and Sister Joan Chittister’s Monasteries of the Heart movement. All are welcome to attend any session.

Every age has answered the questions and challenges of spiritual living in its own particular ways through its languages, arts, and lifestyles; giving seekers various concepts for guidance. Bestselling author Joan Chittister delivers a roadmap based on the ancient Rule of Benedict that stands as a practical model upon which to build a satisfying life, despite the seemingly limitless (and at times meaningless) supply of options in our modern world. By giving spiritual seekers a new opportunity to live a better life from the very center of their world without ever having to withdraw from it, Chittister’s new approach redefines Benedictine living for modern day seekers while remaining firmly rooted in its monastic values.

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, this is a way to experience balance that will guide you on!





Monastery Contact Person

Greg Finch