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The Community of Saint Anna is a non-residential ecumenical community of women who are single either by choice or circumstances such as widowhood, divorce, or permanent separation. Our monastery is built upon the ancient Christian values of listening with the ear of the heart, prayer, ongoing conversion, balance, and peace included in the Rule of St. Benedict.

By adopting these values, we aspire to reflect the compassion and understanding of God and become transformed by the love God has for all people - without exception - and all of creation. With life experiences that have equipped us to pray about all the circumstances of life, no matter how painful, foolish, or far from God they seem, we embrace a ministry that includes compassionate listening, sharing our wisdom, and praying for all.

From our brief experience as a Monastery of the Heart, we have learned that those who are most comfortable in our online monastery are willing to pray for the needs of the world, are interested in building relationships with other members through an online forum, and appreciate Benedictine values. If that sounds like you, please join us!

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