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The Community of Saint Anna is a non-residential ecumenical community of women who are single either by choice or circumstances. Inspired by the Prophetess Anna whose prayers for everyone who came to the Temple enabled her to recognize the infant Messiah, we aspire to pray for others and listen compassionately to those seeking prayer, as appropriate.

Our monastery is built upon the ancient Christian values of listening with the ear of the heart, ongoing conversion, balance, and peace included in the Rule of St. Benedict. Our lifestyle is patterned on the earliest beguines of the Middle Ages, who lived in their own homes and pronounced through their lives that the love of God was available to all.

By adopting these values, we aspire to reflect the compassion and understanding of God and become transformed by the love God has for all people - without exception - and all of creation.

We welcome single women with a heart to extend the compassion of Jesus to others through prayer and Benedictine values. If you are interested in sharing our prayer for the needs of the world and are willing to engage in spiritual growth and relationship building through an online community, please contact us!

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Other A Resurrection Litany March 27, 2016
community news Community News September 28, 2015
Current reading An Altar in the World July 19, 2015
First names - members List of members (please post bios on the Introductions page) July 9, 2013
Membership guidelines What are the expectations of members in the Community of Saint Anna? May 2, 2012

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A Resurrection Litany
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Posted by Janey on March 27, 2016

A friend of the community, Deborah Hanus, has written this litany and is sharing it with us all as an Easter gift. Thank you, Deborah!


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Community News
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Posted by Janey on September 28, 2015

I am pleased to welcome Judith from Ontario and Jackie from South Yorkshire, England to the Community of Saint Anna, joining us in prayer for the happiness, peace, and well-being of all without exception. Our beloved Anna Maureen has returned to Rwanda to teach nursing in an impoverished school of eager learners who will be well-trained for providing nursing services in their home communities. Our prayers surround her in this vital mission!

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An Altar in the World
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Posted by Janey on July 19, 2015

Our current shared reading is An altar in the world: A geography of faith by Barbara Brown Taylor. Fascinating read!

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List of members (please post bios on the Introductions page)
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Posted by Janey on July 9, 2013

1. Anna
2. Delores
3. Diane
4. Helen
5. Jackie
6. Jan
7. Jsue
8. Judi
9. Leann
10. Lisa
11. Maureen
12. Sue
13. Coordinator: Jane

We represent Arizona, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Nebraska, Utah, New Jersey, Ontario, Oregon, Saskatchewan, England, and Hungary!

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What are the expectations of members in the Community of Saint Anna?
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Posted by Janey on May 2, 2012

Because the entire concept of online monasteries is so new, there will be some experimentation along the way. The essentials that I envision for our community involve using the wisdom and acceptance we have developed over years of loving and difficult experiences to bring the interest and compassion of Christ into our immediate environments and the our own Monastery of the Heart.

To accomplish this goal, I am proposing the following expectations:

1) a commitment to pray the Community of Saint Anna Litany for Peace and Supplication for the whole world every day

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