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Join or start an ONLINE group

ONLINE GROUPS WILL BEGIN IN MAY. We’ll advise you by email if you checked “receive MOH emails” when you signed up. If you’re not sure, you can log into your account and check it now.

Go to the community link for a list of existing groups with their profiles. Some groups are welcoming new members; others are closed. To explore joining an online Monastery group, click on that Monastery’s page to see their content, and, if you choose, click the “request membership” link. A group leader will respond to you.

Do you want to begin a new online Monastery group?

Click on the link and follow the prompts. You will be asked to decide if you’d like the group’s content to be shared with all MOH members (anyone who creates a log in) or only with those who join the monastery group which you create. Decide on a theme, discussions, unique aspects or interests of your group and fill in the content on your page.

After your group is posted, you will respond to any requests from those interested in joining your group.
Groups begin with an online discussion of The Monastery of the Heart book by Joan Chittister; the free study guide is meant to help with that.

Make sure all participants know the expectations and timing of discussion—will you do one chapter per week? Per month? Is each group member expected to post comments for each chapter? Is there a time-frame for posting?

You might begin a new discussion thread for each chapter or for each section of the book. Or for different responses.

Encourage openness and trust in the group by creating an atmosphere in which all ideas are treated with respect, dignity and seriousness.

The closing prayer is the prayer that is recited daily by all members of Monasteries of the Heart. You are asked to encourage each other in your group with this commitment. The prayer is available here. Or, to order individual copies, click here.

The study guide provides suggestions for gathering prayers, mostly based on the psalms, the prayers that are recited each day in monasteries around the world. How will your group share in prayer that connects with the chapter?

Be careful that one or two people do not monopolize the discussion. Invite others to share their insights. Likewise, try to keep the group on focus. If it goes off on a tangent, gently call it back.
As leader, review and interact with posts from others at regular intervals.

As leader, be attentive to the tone of posts and attempt to deal with these directly to stop inappropriate or hurtful messages. If it is not resolved quickly, report the abuse to us via the Report Abuse category on the Contact Us page. Those not complying with the terms of agreement can be blocked from the site.

Contact us with suggestions, questions, comments, insights.