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Cloth of Veronica - 12th century, Cathedral of the Dormition, Moscow

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The Crossroads Publishing Company, 2001
The Zen Teachings of Jesus


Kenneth S. Leong

Why I recommend this book:

I could not put this book down. Leong opens up the sayings of Jesus in a fresh and inspiring way. He sees the poet and artist in Jesus and uses the basic elements of Zen: presence, ordinariness, zest , ease, gentleness, freedom, simplicity, and paradox - to emphasize the sage and wisdom teacher that He was. We recognize a Jesus that brings joy and fun to His way of seeing the world. We find in this book a 'lost dimension' of Jesus, one that helps us practice an everyday spitituality.

Leong has a solid background in Christianity, Buddhism, and Taoism, and is engaged in interfaith dialogue. He is a Zen teacher.

Some of the topics covered are: "My yoke is easy", parable of the Prodigal Son, "Who told you you were naked?", "Do you want to be saved?", the commandment to love, the great "I Am's, etc/

This is a book that I treasure for its ability in expanding my knowledge and therefore my love of Christ. It's revelations into the person of Christ are fresh, insightful, and solid.

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May 15, 2012

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