Monasteries of the Heart

The book: The Monastery of the Heart: An Invitation to a Meaningful Life

by Joan Chittister, OSB
Every age has answered the questions and challenges of spiritual living in its own particular ways through its languages, arts, and lifestyles, giving seekers various concepts for guidance. In this original manifesto, bestselling author Joan Chittister delivers a road map based on the ancient Rule of Benedict that stands as a practical model upon which to build a satisfying life, despite the seemingly limitless and, at times, meaningless supply of options in the modern world. By giving spiritual seekers—individuals, couples, families, and small groups—a new opportunity to live a better life from the very center of their world without ever having to withdraw from it, Chittister’s new approach redefines Benedictine living for modern-day seekers while remaining firmly rooted in its monastic values.

Joan Chittister has emerged as a wisdom figure for our time.  Here she takes her wise monastic tradition and takes it on the road for all to love and enjoy."
— Richard Rohr