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What Are You Looking for Discussion 2020 Catholic Sisters Week

Join our conversation based on the 10 chapters of Joan Chittister's recent book, What Are You Looking For? Seeking the God Who Is Seeking You. The conversation will take place during Catholic Sisters Week, March 8-14, 2020. We'll send you a reminder email on March 8.

The chapters are:
1. Why Would I Want to Talk to Anyone about Religious Life?
2. Isn't Religious Life Becoming Extinct Now?
3. What's the point of Such a Life in a World Like Ours?
4. Why Join a Group When You Can Be on Your Own?
5. How Can a Loveless Life Possibly Be a Healthy One?
6. When Did Compliance Become a Virtue?
7. What's the Use of Such an Uncommon Common Life?
8. What's All the Praying About?
9. What's All of This God to Do with Following Jesus?
10. What Would Happen to Me If I Joined a Religious Order?
Afterward: To Become a Flame of the Fire

Benetvision is offering a $2 discount on the purchase of What Are You Looking For? to anyone who signs up for this free discussion. When you submit this form, you will receive an email with a discount coupon. 

Discussion will be facilitated by Linda Romey, OSB.

More about this book: In What Are You looking For? Joan Chittister offers a letter to today's seekers, with insights gleaned from her 65 years as a woman religious. Aware that many seekers consider entering a religious community––even though it means committing to a way of life that is counter-cultural and challenging, with an uncertain future––Sister Joan writes about the struggles and possibilities of religious life with warmth, candor, and clarity. She explores the connection between celibacy and love, the real meaning of obedience, and the ways religious life has adapted to changing times. And she answers the question at the root of so much discernment: What will happen to me if I take this path?

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