Monasteries of the Heart

Old Monk's Journal: Journal Entry 219

Thank you for your kind comments and promised prayers. The first half of my eye radiation therapy is completed, and I will return for the second procedure in early November. I have no pain and the reduced and blurred vision (temporary, I hope) has actually helped me to see more clearly all the loving friends and family that surround me. Old Monk hopes to get back to her blog in late November. I’ve always loved the quote from The Little Prince, “What is essential, is invisible to the eye.” Now I know the truth of it.

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A blog by Mary Lou Kownacki
A personal journal captures what’s in the heart. Most of my adult life I’ve recorded my notes, brief reflections, poems, reactions to daily events in a journal. It is an ongoing source of monastic formation; the rich and raw material of life that helps shape my Monastery of the Heart. About a year ago, Old Monk began to appear on my journal’s pages. Mary Lou Kownacki, OSB, is the Monasteries of the Heart coordinator.

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