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Monks in Our Midst: Thomas Merton on Room in the Inn

Into this world, this demented inn
in which there is absolutely no room for him at all,
Christ comes uninvited.

But because he cannot be at home in it,
because he is out of place in it,
and yet he must be in it,
His place is with the others for whom
there is no room.

His place is with those who do not belong,
who are rejected by power, because
they are regarded as weak,
those who are discredited,
who are denied status of persons,
who are tortured, bombed and exterminated.

With those for whom there is no room,
Christ is present in this world.
- Thomas Merton 

Thomas Merton was a Trappist monk at Our Lady of Gethsemani Abbey in Kentucky and the author of more than seventy books that include poetry, personal journals, collections of letters, social criticism, and writings on peace, justice, and ecumenism. Learn more here.   

What face, image, individual comes to mind for you when you hear the words "for whom there is no room"?

How might you make Christ present in this world for the one who comes to mind?

Please share your reflections with us here.

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