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Monks in Our Midst: Raimon Panikkar on Hope

Raimon Panikkar is a twentieth-century Spanish Catholic priest who is also well known as a mystic and theologian. He explores the concept of hope the book The Rhythm of Being: The Unbroken Trinity, which are based on his Gifford Lectures:

"What our contemporaries most lack is hope. Everybody has faith—in one thing or another. Love, of all sorts, is also present everywhere. We believe in so many ideas and love so many things, but our culture has little hope. 

Hope has a deeper relationship with the third eye, the inner dimension of the real. Hope opens up our vision of this third dimension which has been so undeveloped in recent generations. The shift in meaning in the common use of the word is related to a lack of contemplation and is highly significant: hope has gone from a discovery of a hidden meaning of the present, or of an otherwise invisible aspect of the real, to an expectation of change for the better in the future; from a plunge into the present to a projection into the future. The world in which we live seems to make us believe that the visible and rational universe is the only reality. These lectures aim at communicating an effective hope in the deepest dimension of our world." 



  • Panikkar understands hope as “the deepest dimension of our world.” Does this resonate with you? Where do you understand hope to be found?
  • As we enter into a new year, what are your hopes, for yourself, your community, or our global society?  

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