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Monks in Our Midst: Alyssa Kissell on the Holy Family

The feast of the Holy Family is celebrated during the Christmas season, the Sunday directly after Christmas, perhaps to make the family of Mary, Joseph and Jesus more real for us, more true to our own life experience, more genuine an idea of the true humanity of Emmanuel, God-with-us.

On this feast of the Holy Family we would like to share with you a reflection by Alyssa Kissell, an oblate of Mount Saint Benedict in Erie, and the mother of two beautiful young girls. Alyssa's reflection on the Holy Family gives us pause to consider what Mary and Joseph, like any new parents, might have experienced in those first days of Jesus' life on earth.


What memories, insights, wisdom about the Holy Family of Mary, Joseph and Jesus came to you as a result of Alyssa's sharing?


Please share your wisdom with us here.

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