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Love, Forgiveness and Reconciliation with Joan Chittister

Love, Forgiveness and Reconciliation with Joan Chittister

The themes of forgiveness and reconciliation are central to all religions. But how do you integrate these ideals into your personal life? How do you forgive a person who betrayed you? What if you can’t get over the hurt and just move on…even if everyone around you is telling you to do so? In a series of six brief videos Sister Joan explores the difficult, but fundamental summons to forgiveness that can both soften our own hearts and transform the world community. Most of all, she guides us—step by step—through the meaning of true forgiveness, cautioning us to avoid premature or shallow forgiveness. Sister Joan also discusses the true nature of reconciliation and reminds us that it’s only when we have faced and forgiven ourselves that we can extend true compassion. In addition to the videos, the course includes reflection questions, creative experiences and journal prompts.

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