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Lectio with Rule of Benedict: From the Foundations to the Future

Lectio with Rule of Benedict: From the Foundations to the Future

In this eCourse, we will return to the roots of the Benedictine tradition with fresh eyes. Benedict wrote that the young in the monastery should be consulted in particular, for “God often reveals what is better to the younger.” As chaos and complexity continues to swirl around us, we know that this age-old text holds wisdom for our times, and we might discover new insight by centering the voices of the young as they seek to make sense of this ageless text in our contemporary context. 

This eCourse will be centered on the Benedictine practice of lectio divina, and each session will include an excerpt from the Rule with a reflection or creative response from a young person living into this tradition today. Each session will invite participants to practice lectio with the text as well, creating a conversation across generations and across time with this ancient text. 

Week 1 will focus on the foundations of the Rule of Benedict; week 2 will consider the application of the Rule in our daily life; week 3 will look to the future as we listen for what the Rule reveals is possible. On Friday, April 23, we will have a panel discussion with all contributors to reflect on Benedictine tradition in their lives. 

Contributors include Jessie Bazan, Erin Carey, Stephanie Ciner, Katie Gordon, Will Hunter, Valerie Luckey, OSB, and Jacqueline Small, OSB. Each of them are millennials committed to living Benedictine life in and outside of the monastery. Together, their experiences reveal the influence of Benedictine community on younger generations today, and show what pathways forward in the monastic tradition might take shape.

This eCourse runs April 12-30, 2021
You will receive three emails a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with new content and reflection questions to consider. On the second Friday, April 23 from 1-2pm ET, we will have a special zoom call for all participants to hear from the contributors in greater depth. Access to all eCourse content will be available for six months after it concludes.

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