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Lectio Divina A Summer Experience

Lectio Divina A Summer Experience

Lectio Divina, reflective sacred reading, has deep roots in Benedictine spirituality. In this eRetreat you will be invited to use a number of God’s texts—scripture, poetry, music and yoga—as ways to engage in a lifelong conversation with God. Three sisters and one oblate of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie—Anne McCarthy, Mary Lou Kownacki, Jean Wolbert and Joanne Cahill—will serve as your guides. For this four-topic online retreat, you will discover how the wonders of the sacred text, musical selections, poetry and the physical experience of yoga can stretch the soul.


Sister Anne McCarthy, retreat leader and Monasteries of the Heart staff.



Sister Jean Wolbert, hospitality coordinator for Mount Saint Benedict and a flutist.



Sister Mary Lou Kownacki, director of Monasteries of the Heart and a writer.



Joanne Cahill, a Penn State University retiree and an oblate of Mount Saint Benedict Monastery.