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Lectio Divina—finding your Sacred Center

Lectio Divina—finding your Sacred Center

Lectio Divina, reflective sacred reading, has deep roots in Benedictine spirituality. Traditionally, the scriptures were the only text for lectio, but in this course you are invited to use other of God’s texts—nature, photography, and the daily news—as ways to engage in a lifelong conversation with God. Four Benedictine Sisters—Anne McCarthy, Mary Ellen Plumb, Susan Doubet, and Anne Muczynski—will serve as your guides in discovering how the Scriptures, nature, daily events, and the art of photography can stretch your soul.

LEARN MORE: Introduction What is lectio and why is it so essential to Benedictine spirituality? Sister Anne McCarthy, retreat leader, spiritual director and Monasteries of the Heart staff, will present a creative overview of this spiritual practice and lead participants in a lectio using a sacred text and mantra.

Nature How can the natural world be a teacher/spiritual guide for us? Practice lectio with the psalms of nature, Mary Oliver’s poetry, and your own experiences in creation. Sister Susan Doubet, research assistant to Joan Chittister, subprioress and community blogger, will lead this session.

Newspaper Sometimes reading about national and international disasters or local incidents of violence in the newspaper can overwhelm us. Praying with these stories can help center and ground us and find the sacred in every event. Sister Mary Ellen Plumb, teacher, counselor and Monasteries of the Heart staff, will lead this session.

Photography Do lectio with photography as you learn to look at simple objects from different perspectives—in different light, using different speeds. See how God can change your life by using photography to see things differently. Sister Ann Muczynski, behavioral health PTSD therapist and prize-winning photographer, will lead this session.

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