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Friendship of Women

Friendship of Women

The best defense against the rampant sexism in our culture is the support, friendship, and sisterhood that women can offer each other. “Friendship is the sacrament of possibility,” writes Joan Chittister. What might become possible for this world—sickened for generations by violence and cruelty toward women— if we develop true, holy friendships?

Learn which qualities make a friendship strong and give it the potential to be transformative, by participating in Friendship of Women, an eCourse based on Sister Joan’s beloved book Friendship of Women: The Hidden Tradition of the Bible. This eCourse will introduce you to women from the scriptures whose lives have often been overlooked, but who can model for us all what it means to encourage, accept, and care for other women. As you listen to Sister Joan discussing the qualities that characterize true friendship, you will be prompted to consider your own friendships and relationships, to pray with these women of God and the women close to your own heart, and to grow into your full potential as a friend and an advocate. Facilitated by Sister Mary Ellen Plumb and Oblate Jacqueline Small, Monasteries of the Heart staff.