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Finding Joy in Eating: Lectio with Food

Lectio Divina is traditionally recognized as slow, meditative reading that leads to prayer. Lectio with food is a slow, meditative encounter with food—preparing it, sharing it and eating it—that also can lead to prayer. Such mindfulness creates in us a posture of gratitude for the earth that sustains us and joy in the experience of "juicy rich foods and pure choice wine." Is. 25:6

But food is a complex reality. Some of us have enough, many of us do not. Food can build up our bodies or it can literally break them down. Much of our cultural identity and even some of our religious rituals are tied to food and meals. Gluttony is a "deadly sin" and fasting is a practice of many saints. Methods of food production can put us at odds with the very earth we live on.

This eCourse will invite us to mindfulness around the basic, everyday action of eating. It is a physical necessity for survival. Whether we eat alone or with others, eating is a communal act. But can our lectio with food bring us to an awareness of the spiritual gifts of food? Can it awaken in us a connection to justice issues around food? Create in us a deeper connection to our earth? Two of the four co-facilitators share their brief reflections in these videos.

While eating specific foods is not necessary for this eCourse, we will make suggestions and share recipes. We will share photos and videos of food and meals and invite you to do the same. Daily posts will include readings, poetry and scripture on food-related topics as well as reflection questions.

This is a three-week eCourse that runs September 9-27. You will have access to this eCourse for six months after the course concludes.

Finding Joy in Eating: Lectio with Food will be facilitated by: Linda Romey, OSB; Val Luckey, OSB; Mary Beth Peterseim, RN; Sharon Piano, MS RD LDN