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Beauty and the Monastic Heart with Brother Mickey McGrath

Beauty and the Monastic Heart with Brother Mickey McGrath

The popular artist Brother Mickey McGrath, OSFS, will join Monasteries of the Heart for this new eCourse: Beauty and the Monastic Heart. Focusing on artists and mystics such as Thomas Merton, Georgia O’Keeffe, Vincent Van Gogh, Mary Lou Williams, Corita Kent, Henri Matisse and others, Brother Mickey will explore the contemplative connections of art, music, and poetry with monastic spirituality. 

Featuring nine pre-recorded video sessions (accessed via discussion forums) with Brother Mickey, this three-week eCourse runs from September 13 through October 1.
You will have access to the course content for six months after course ends.

PREVIEW: This eCourse will include teachings and practices based on themes like: 

  • “The Beauty of Blissful Silence” with Georgia O’Keeffe and Thomas Merton 
  • “Speaking Truth to Power” with Catherine of Siena, Corita Kent, and Daniel Berrigan
  • “Wading in the Waters of Love and Hate” with Thea Bowman and Gus Tolton
  • “Music of the Heart” with Sts. Cecilia and Gregory, Mary Lou Williams and Duke Ellington
  • “Words Made Flesh in Poetry” with Mary Oliver and Joy Harjo, John of the Cross and Therese of Lisieux

…and more!

Image description: Brother Mickey's painting of Henri Matisse and Dominican Sister Jacques. He said of Sister Jacques: "She helped Matisse in the building of the Dominican Chapel in Vence, France. My favorite Art and Nun story ever. What a story! Can't wait to share it…."