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Beatitudes of Peace with John Dear

Beatitudes with John Dear

Have you wondered what Jesus meant when he said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit,” or “Blessed are the meek”? Have you ever asked yourself if these Beatitudes are merely spiritual ideals or teachings that can ground and center your life choices?

In “The Beatitudes of Peace,” a new four-week Monasteries of the Heart eCourse, author and peace activist John Dear will offer fresh insights into the Beatitudes, including a new rendering of the Beatitudes based on an Aramaic translation. “Jesus was inviting us to ‘Arise! Get up, get moving and walk forth! you poor, you poor in spirit …Arise! Get up, get moving and walk forth, you who mourn….,’” Dear says.

Through four videos from Dear, discussion questions, creative exercises, and a community circle, you will be invited to meet the challenges of our present times by reclaiming Jesus’ radical framework for the Reign of God.

View clip from the eCourse.

eCourse runs August 6 - August 31
Participants will have access to course materials through February, 2019