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Advent Lectio: Prepare for Christmas with Music and Art

Advent Lectio: Prepare for Christmas with Music and Art

How can you make Christmas what it was meant to be: a month of contemplation, rather than simply a day of celebration? One way is to join Sister Jean Wolbert as she prepares for Christmas with lectio divina with music and art. In this online lectio eCourse, Sister Jean will introduce you some of her most beloved Advent and Christmas hymns. New to lectio? Scroll down and view our video.

Sister Jean, who has a Masters’ degree in liturgy and theology, will introduce you to artwork and some of her most beloved Advent hymns, which will deepen your prayer life in this time of darkness, expectation, and hope for new life. She will encourage you to ask for open ears, to pay attention to the feelings arising as you listen to the music selections and view the art.

You will receive three emails each week alerting you to new content posted in the course. Weekly content will include:

  • Artwork
  • Music selections
  • Reflections from Sister Jean
  • Discussion questions to share in the course or in your own journal
  • Prompts to lead you into creative actions

All this so that you arrive at Christmas ready to truly welcome Christ.

Course runs December 2 – 28


If lectio divina is a new concept for you, view our short video that explains the what and why of lectio divina.