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I'm finding that choosing a book for us to read together is maybe the most difficult aspect of facilitating MOS!

In the other online groups I'm in .... anyone can start a thread. If that were the case here, we could be have several book discussions going on at once. I'm going to talk to the Erie Benedictine MOH team about that when I get a chance. But in the meantime, I've got a "work-around."

I'll choose one book for us to read and discuss together, but I'm also going to start posting a periodic "What are you reading now?" starter. Most of us are reading other books and words in all their dizzying variety (newspapers, blogs online, a copy of an article a friend gives us, a magazine you happen to pick up to while away waiting time ... and on and on).

As for choosing the book -- on a blog at a site called "New Babel Books" I found this quote--

Choosing a book is a lot like finding a date. Sometimes your eyes connect from across the room and there’s an instant spark. Sometimes a friend tells you all about them and sets you up, and sometimes it’s an entirely aesthetic choice that may or may not be a total disaster. Sometimes it’s hard to describe exactly how you ended up hand in hand but there you are.

Probably because I'm retiring, and my future path is a new canvas on which to paint ... I'd like to read Sr. Joan's new book, Following the Path: The Search for a Life of Passion, Purpose & Joy. Can you all live with that?

In the meantime, while we all get our hands on a copy ... I'll post another 2 or 3 weeks on Passion for Life. And we can all throw some pearls each others' ways by talking about the books we've read, or are reading ...

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