Monasteries of the Heart

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One God

God speaks in many tongues, glows in many colors, calls to us in many voices, is beyond any image we create. —Joan Chittister


Compassion takes us beyond ourselves to the beating pulse of the world. —Joan Chittister


An authentic spiritual life stamps on our soul the caring face of Jesus. —Joan Chittister

Holy Leisure

Holy leisure is the foundation of contemplation and contemplation is the ability to see the world as God sees the world. —Joan Chittister

Moral Conviction

Authentic spirituality requires that we be willing to stand up for something and be willing to pay the social price that comes for taking a stance. —Joan Chittister


No amount of spiritual asceticism can equal the amount of spiritual growth and human maturity that comes with care for others. —Joan Chittister


A spirituality of community requires meaningful contact, a common vision, and the beating of a cosmic heart big enough to embrace all of life. —Joan Chittister

Linda Romey, OSB, on changing to active

We are at a seismic turning point in how we understand our humanness, male and female. "Boys will be boys" is no longer an excuse for behavior that denigrates, objectifies, demeans women in church or state. "Father" is no longer an unquestioned moral authority.


To cultivate an appreciation of nature is to deepen our own spiritual life and to see our own responsibility to it in the way we treat every blade of grass. —Joan Chittister


Feasting is a divine imperative. It says, “Thou shalt not ignore the joys of life.” —Joan Chittister


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