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Journal Entry 231

A kind of malaise has taken over. I suppose it’s my cancer diagnosis and the weekly trips to the cancer hospital in Pittsburgh for my clinical test procedure. The first three overnight stays were not pleasant as far as side-effects go, but that has settled down and I am not experiencing any physical pain or discomfort—just some tiredness and inner malaise. And, of course, there’s my brother’s death. My personal writing has suffered as a result and I’m not journaling much.

Honoring the Other



God's Presence

Linda Romey on teaching the heart to love

Doing lectio divina can be dangerous when it flirts with challenging my status quo. I had that problem when I read a reflection in Give Us This Day, that said we have to be careful about what we teach our hearts to love, because that will inform our choices.

We learn to love by being loved by our parents, family and friends. Maybe especially from those who love us even when we are at our childish worst.


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