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Monasteries of the Heart Community Profile One
Click on any of these images for a larger view.

Access your account page here.

When you are logged in you are able to access your account page. The link is in the upper left corner of every page. Click on My account.
Monasteries of the Heart Community Profile Two

Your account page will open with your user name at the top: Member YOUR USER NAME.

Selecting the Edit tab will allow you to edit your private account information including your password and your profile picture.

Monasteries of the Heart Community Profile Three

This is your account edit page. You will need to scroll down to access all the fields.

Once your account is set up you really don’t need to come to this page unless you need to make a change.

With the exception of your user name and your profile picture all the information on this page is private.

Monasteries of the Heart Community Profile Four

As you continue to scroll down on your account edit page you will come to these two fields. Add your profile picture here. It will also be used on your community profile account. Upload your picture and when you click Save at the bottom of the page it will appear.

The second item to note is Contact settings. By default it is enabled. If you DO NOT want any other member to be able to contact you through the system contact form that hides your email address you must uncheck this box. Again, your email stays hidden from view. However, if you receive an email from a member and you respond to them, they will then have your email address. You can always change this setting at any time.

Be sure to select Save at the bottom of the page when you make any changes.

Monasteries of the Heart Community Profile Five

To add your public Community Profile, click on the Community Profile link just under the tabs at the top of your account page. This will open your public profile edit page.

We hope you respond to each of these questions that will help us to know you better. The first four questions, however, are the only required fields. They are first name, last name, city and state (and country if not U.S.) where you live and why you are a member of Monasteries of the Heart.

The other questions are: What gives you energy, what is your favorite book, song or movie and lastly, what would you like to say to the Monasteries of the Heart community.

When finished, be sure to select Save at the bottom of the page. Like your private account, you can make changes on your Community Profile at any time.

Monasteries of the Heart Community Profile Six

Once you have saved your page you will see an alert at the top of the page telling you it has been saved.

Select the View tab to see your page.

Monasteries of the Heart Community Profile Seven

This is the page YOU will see.
Note it is your Community Profile.

In the right hand column is your history including links to any orders you have placed.

You are the only one who can see links in this column or see the tabs across the top.

Monasteries of the Heart Community Profile Eight

This is the page OTHERS will see.
Only your history is visible in the right column.

The tabs across the top will vary depending on permissions the particular member has.

Note the Contact tab—if a member has unchecked the box in enable Contact form (see image #4) this tab will not appear.

Monasteries of the Heart Community Profile Nine

This is the Contact form that appears when you click on the Contact tab on a member’s page.

Note it asks for YOUR email address but you do not see the other person’s email address.

Whoever you email will then have access to your email address.
If they reply to you, you will then have their email address.

Monasteries of the Heart Community Profile Front

Community is one of the main elements of the monastic tradition.

Holding community members in prayer is a key part of this practice.

We will do this in a more focused way using the Community Profiles: The Community monastic practice panel on the home page will randomly display members who have a Community Profile page.

Each time you refresh the page a different member will display. Let this help all of us to pray for each other in our virtual monastery.