Monasteries of the Heart

Prayerful Reading (lectio) with Photos

In a prayerful way repeat the text below several times.

God touches all
in the heavens
and on earth.
— Psalm 103

Sit with the photo and "read" it slowly

Click photo for photo lectio page-

Ask yourself, What do the photo and text say to me?
What feeling or thought or word do they evoke?
What do I want to say to God through this photo and text?
What do you believe is God’s message for you today as you reflect on this photo and text?

Photo by: 

Carolyn Gorny-Kopkowski, OSB

Use the discussion area below for your lectio reflections on this verse and photo. All registered members of MOH have access to this discussion area. On-site or online monastery groups may host more private discussions.

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