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Anne Arundel Community of Reconciliation (AACOR) Monastery

Employing ancient Benedictine wisdom, we seek to reclaim the balance and harmony often missing from modern life.  We pause regularly to center our life and action in the Spirit. We practice hospitality and intentional listening. We welcome the unexpected, and the sacred in the everyday. As we begin to integrate Benedictine spiritual foundations and practices into our lives, we find ourselves slowly transformed. Ultimately we recognize that true change in the world comes first from a transformed heart.  

Every Thursday we will post a discussion thread and we hope to offer occasional gatherings--in person--to supplement our online discussions.  This online version of the AACOR is intended to build and support community through the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. corridor, and will be particularly useful for those who are unable to attend the Benedictine gatherings at St. Anne’s Church in Annapolis. Welcome!

“We must prepare our hearts and bodies.... Listen carefully...Let us open our eyes to the light that comes from God, and our ears to the voice from the heavens that every day calls out...Love God with your whole soul and all your strength, and love your neighbor as yourself...your way of acting should be different from the world’s way; the love of Christ must come before all else...these, then, are the tools of the spiritual craft.” -The Rule of St. Benedict

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Silence Beauty of Silence October 27, 2011
Community Community as Body of Christ January 15, 2012
conversion Conversion/Transformation December 16, 2011
faith Faith January 25, 2012
Other Fasting and Feasting March 7, 2012
Prayer First discussion thread September 21, 2011
Chapter 1 Gentle Invitation September 30, 2011
Obedience Obedience December 8, 2011
Other Quiet February 9, 2012

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