Monasteries of the Heart

Give me a word Story 18

I thought it good fortune to go the Magic Monastery for Easter. But at the foot of the hill sat a blind beggar, and when I drew near to him to give him some money, I heard him ask, “Who will lead me into the heart of God?” I couldn’t go on. Who would lead him into the heart of God? I sat down in front of him. “Together,” I said, “Together we’ll go into the heart of God.”
--Tales from The Magic Monastery by Theophane the Monk (Ed. Note: Christmas in the original, changed to Easter)

DISCUSS: Pretend you are a reporter doing an Easter story on the Magic Monastery when you observe this scene. Ask the beggar or the person going to the Magic Monastery one or two questions and then imagine how they would answer your question(s). Here’s an example:

Reporter to beggar: I was surprised that you refused the coins. What gives?

Beggar: People are usually very generous on these big feast days. I’m always grateful for any coins. But I just felt a different presence about this monastery guest. I wondered if she, like myself, was a seeker. So I thought I’d take a chance and ask him for something I needed more than money.

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