Monasteries of the Heart

Friday Evening

Call to Prayer
I reverence God
who does not fail me in my hope.

Uphold me, O God,
according to your Word.

Psalm 61
O God, hear my cry for help.
From the ends of the earth I call;
my spirit fails.

I pray that you make new this heart.
Lead me to a place of rest,
for you have been my refuge,
my strength against the foe.

Let me dwell in your presence forever;
hide me in the shelter of your wings.
You, O God, hear my prayer.
Grant me the heritage
of all who honor your name.

May your love and faithfulness protect me.
so that I might always praise you
and day after day fulfill my vows.

Now that we have been justified by faith, we are at peace with God through Jesus Christ. Through Christ we have gained access by faith to the grace in which we now stand, and we boast of all afflictions! We know that affliction makes for endurance, and endurance for tested virtue, and tested virtue for hope. and this hope will not leave us disappointed, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts.
(Romans 5:1-5)

As God’s Word enfolds it gives hope.

God, how great are your riches for those who hope. Purify the intentions of those who trust in your saving help.