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Foundations and Practices for Rule living

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I hope it is well with each of you.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts about Chapters 2-3 on Thursday, DEC 1st (!) which will finish up the “Our Search: section of The Monastery of the Heart book.

I thought it might be helpful to have written and at hand some of the foundations of the Rule of Benedict and then more specifically some spiritual practices to keep in mind when seeking a meaningful, balanced life.

If you’ll remember, we talked about considering 3 foundations of Benedict’s Rule for our lives:

1. Community – each of you have said, yes, I want to participate with others reading this book, in my other faith communities – in doing so, you enjoy ‘stability of community’, a group that you are familiar with, a group that hears and remembers your “highs” and “lows”, cheers you on for life/vocation changes and so much more!

2. Listen – To listen with an open heart and mind for wisdom, for God’s guidance – written, spoken through others, through prayer, song…

3. Transformation – by attending the Journey Group and reading/reflecting on this book you have said, “I am open to the transformation that may take place as I listen to/for God, Spirit, my own voice and that of others…”

And, 5 practices for a balanced spiritual life:

1. Prayer – individual, group, on-line, traditional, new (your words!),

2. Study – Scripture, poetry, story that speaks Truth, brings wisdom

3. Work – what is my “right work”, vocationally, where I volunteer, in my family…what is mine to do…

4. Renew – where is the renewal in my life? When do I rest? How do I rest? Is it real rest? What does/could Sabbath look like for me?

5. Hospitality – In what ways do I extend kindness, welcome, resources to others? In what ways do I receive hospitality – when do I say “yes” to a dinner party or happy hour invite and when do I say “no” because that is most hospitable to me…

Hopefully this will be helpful and will add to the discussion and your own reflections about a spiritual life of living each day, the mundane to the profound as well as possible, with as much meaning as possible.

Peace and blessings on the journey,
Pastor Wendy

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