Monasteries of the Heart

Sr. Marian on MOH at SCI Forest

Erie Benedictine Sister Marian Wehler sent this note about the MOH monastery she facilitates in prison at SCI Forest, Marienville, PA.

Today I had only six fellows able to attend our MOH meeting in prison but it was so rich in sharing and laughter. Mr. P. said he likes The Monastery of the Heart because it gives him "Peace." He's my best reader and does it so well with feeling. Then Mr. D shared about a ray of sun that came through his little window this morning and shone on his Bible...when he checked out the verse on which it landed it was about God being light, he was in awe as we were. Later we were reading in the MOH book and came across Benedict's seeing the entire world in a ray of light. That being brought up, Mr. P. chimes in, of course, "God is one, and everything is in God."

See why I love to be with those guys? They inspire me and give me hope beyond hope.
Love, Marian

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