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Holy Women

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Tomorrow the church celebrates All Saints day. Here’s a litany for some of the holy women who have lived among us. Who would you add to the list?

O Cosmic Christ,
in your heart
all history finds meaning and purpose

Through Teresa of Avila, charismatic leader,
You inspire a church of courage and wisdom.

Through Catherine of Sienna, fearless visionary,
You forge a new path for women.

Through Hildegard of Bingen, greenness of God,
You pour out juicy, rich grace on all creation.

Through Anne Frank, writer and witness,
You preserve goodness in the midst of great evil.

Through Georgia O’Keefe, artist of nature,
You revealed sacredness in poppies and landscape.

Through Harriet Tubman, prophet and pilgrim,
You lead captives into freedom.

Through Thea Bowman, healer songbird,
You dance the African-American culture into the church

Through Mother Teresa of Calcutta, guardian of the unwanted,
You bow in reverence for all life

Through Mary Magdalene, apostle to the apostles,
You ordain women to proclaim the good news.

Through Julian of Norwich, anchoress and seer,
You announce the Mother image of God

Through Joan of Arc, defender and protector,
You remain true to personal conscience

Though Maura Clarke and companions, martyrs of El Salvador,
You rise again in the hopes of the dispossessed

Through Dorothy Day, pillar of the poor,
You recognize holiness as bread for the hungry.